Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Foursquare, Places, Check-ins… what does it all mean? We can help demystify the jargon to help you understand this huge opportunity to reach out and engage with potential customers on a personal level which has never been so achievable up until recently. Learn what social media services we offer.


If you have a business, and are an active user of Facebook then you should have a custom Facebook business page. We can setup and customise a Facebook business page for you and add some Facebook integration to your own website, which helps grow your fan base quicker. Learn more.


The online micro-blogging and social networking website with text-based status updates of 140 characters or less, informally known as “tweets”. We can customise your Twitter page to match your website/brand and help get you started by guiding you towards best practices. Learn more.


The world’s leading online video site, the second most searched website after Google. It pays to have a channel on YouTube to promote your own business. Even only to just have a single promo video loaded that people can enjoy and share. Learn more.


The online search engine giant’s second attempt at a social network, it has been speculated to increase your organic search engine result placement, so that’s a good enough reason to have a presence there. Learn more.


After Facebook bought them in 2012 for a billion dollars in cash and stocks, the photo sharing site has grown in popularity to well over 100 million active worldwide users. Learn more.


Create specials for your most loyal customers who ‘check-in’ the most. The one who check’s in most becomes the ‘mayor’ and can access the mayor-only special. Get valuable statistics on customer visitation and engagement. Learn more.