Top 10 tips on using Google Analytics

The top 10 tips for Google Analytics as outlined by Nick Guebhard, cheap ambulance Search Operations Manager from Surefire Search

1. Track website events

Track on-page events using either:

  1. Event tracking
  2. Virtual pageviews

Examples of events you can track:

  • Links to 3rd party providers.
  • Email links
  • Brochure downloads
  • Form interactions
  • “Print this page” clicks
  • “email this page” clicks
  • “bookmark this page” clicks
  • Facebook “Likes”

2. Setup Goals and Funnels

3. Consider e-commerce tracking

Connect actual revenue to different traffic sources and marketing activities.

4. Tag non-adwords marketing campaigns

Example of campaign tagging at the end of URL:

5. Annotate important events


  • Explain peaks/troughs
  • Mark campaign start and end dates
  • Mark site changes
  • Mark changes to GA tracking code
  • Mark important events

6. Setup dashboards

Find the reports that you use on a regular basis and add them to your dashboard

The new GA interface dashboards are better:

  • Build your own widgets
  • Filter data

7. Monitor bounce rates

Bounce rates may be the first indication that:

  • A marketing activity is not working for you.
  • Your content can be improved

8. Setup custom reports

9. Embrance advanced segments

Common tourism examples:

  • Visitor country (setup for each main country)
  • Traffic source (add segments for different marketing activities)
  • Site section visitors (e.g. accommodation, cialis ed activities, tours)

10. Be/Find an Analytics Ninja

  • Visit GA regularly
  • Investigate your data – drill-down, segment, slice and dice
  • Do the free GAIQ online course (Google Analytics Individual Qualification)
  • Act on your data!