Importance of owning your domain name

I was recently contacted by a local backpackers who’s website had mysteriously disappeared off the internet.

Upon further investigation I discovered that the domain name had recently expired. No problem I thought, lets just get the domain renewed and bob’s your uncle!

Unfortunately, that 5min job was not possible.
This was due to the fact that 247hosting, the company who was originally contracted to register the domain and host the website had registered the domain under their company name, making it legally theirs.

Of course they were not contactable and the registry who holds the domains said they couldn’t release it to us as the contact details for the registrant were not in my client’s name.

It’s extremely important as a business owner to have your domain registered under your company name, with all your company contact details as the domain registrant.

We register all clients domains under their name and NOT ours. Meaning you own and have control of your domain.

The registrant details of the expired and new domains


Now we have to wait for the domain to be released back into the pool of available domains before we can re-register it.

In the meantime, we managed to rescue most of the site thanks to the brilliant Internet Archive, which last took a snapshot of the website back in March this year.

Be sure to checkout the website we recovered here: