Cleaning up their dirty act

Today marks the launch of the new Geyserland 4.W.D. Club website.

If you looked at the old Geyserland 4.W.D. club website, patient pictured below left, discount prior to the revamp, cough you would have had no idea from looking at the site who it was for.

Their web editor approached us looking for a fresh modern website that was easily to update and more user friendly than their current site. After our initial meeting with the client, learning more about the Geyserland 4.W.D. Club and all the great work they do in the community (e.g. fund raising) we decided to become a sponsor and support them by providing our services.

Our first goal with the revamp was to create a muddy/dirty theme while remaining modern and readable.

The client is pleased and we are proud to be supporting such a generous local club.